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 5 Levels Of Inspection for Mold


The purpose of testing is to identify what types of molds are present on surfaces and in the air.

Identification and quantification is useful data in determining proper remediation procedures as well as the seriousness of potential health risks.

The 5 levels of inspection services that have been formed, are endorsed by ESA and are used in the mold inspection standards and protocols used by many
certified mold inspectors in virginia, maryland and washington, dc.

These services range from an mold inspection that is requested in a specific defined area, to a mold inspection that can produce mold remediation specifications.

All of the services have a clear understanding and written explanation, within the inspection agreement, of what will be inspected.

Limited Sampling:

The purpose of Limited Mold Sampling is to detect the presence of the mold contamination in client defined areas of the home.

A surface sample can be taken directly from a surface (approx. one square inch). Surface samples can be taken by tape lift imprints, cotton swabs receptacles, or bulk sampling (an actual piece of a surface).

An air sample is a representation of mold spores in the air based on the actual number of spores captured in a canister known as a spore trap.

Air sampling is an accurate wat to determine if an elevated mold spore condition may exist because it reveals not only what types of mold are in the air but, how much of each type mold spores as well.

This service provides a fast economical method to determine if and what type of molds are in that defined area.

The limitation of this service are that other sources of mold may be present in the home.

Mold Screen:

This level of mold inspecting utilizes a visual assessment of the entire home, identifies "red flags" for mold, and a limited sampling for mold.

If "red flags" are found, the client will be advised and offered the chance for additional sampling.
The Mold Screen Inspection is the most popular inspection service for Home Sale Transactions.

Mold Survey:

The value of this service is that it identifies, determines cause and provides corrective measures for all mold sources discovered in the entire home.

This service is mainly used once a problem has been identified and remediation specifications are needed to be produced by the Certified Industrial Hygienist.

Clearance Mold Testing:

Clearance Mold testing is designed to determine the success of the mold remediation efforts.
A containment area has been established and mold remediation was done within that contained area.
A Clearance Test is performed after the remediation work is done.
The purpose is to ensure that the remediation was successful.
The cost and procedure for clearance testing varies from one inspection company to another.

Post-Cleaning Mold Testing:

Post-Cleaning Mold Testing is also designed to determine the success of mold remediation efforts.
The difference between Clearance and Post-Cleaning Testing is no containment will be in place.

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